Welcome to my corner of the interneT
*waving hello*

curious by nature design by profession

Since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with learning how and why things work. I first scratched the surface of design thinking when I decided to study Chemical and Biological Engineering. Throughout my multi-disciplinary degree, I have worked in quality control with STEMCELL Technologies, diabetes prevention with the UBC Biomedical Engineering Student Team, event planning with UBC Applied Science, STEM education, and concrete toboggans. I know, what a mouthful 😅

In short, I've been lucky to try on many hats, all motivated by my passion for improving the lives of those around me. Now, I get to use my multi-disciplinary experiences as a Visual/UX Designer with nwPlus running events such as annual hackathons for students interested in tech.

I believe that design is at the core of how humans interact, navigate, and understand the world. At the end of the day, I aspire to work on meaningful, human-centered experiences and feed my curiousity everyday.

when i'm not crafting digital experiences

jamming out and learning new instruments

falling climbing at bouldering gyms

exploring new hikes (and never looking at the camera!)

design mantras

"people ignore designs that ignore people" - frank chimero
"do not seek praise. seek criticism" - paul arden
"everything is designed. few things are designed well" - brian reed
"leave it better than you found it" - robert baden-powell
Feel free to reach out to talk about design, true-crime podcasts, or our go-to bubble tea orders 🤗
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