helping consumers shop more ethically at the Adobe x Patagonia Creative Jam
Timeline: December 2021, 24+ hours
Role: Product Designer
Team: IreNovia (Me, Irene Zhang)
Tools: Adobe XD, Notion
Event: Adobe x Patagonia Creative Jam
★ Placed in the top 10 teams + presented fairchange at the Finale ★
Adobe Creative Jams are designathons where teams compete in a tournament that puts their creative skills to the test using Adobe Creative Cloud apps. For the Adobe x Amazon Creative Jam, teams were given a problem statement and challenged to ideate, design, and prototype an app solution in Adobe XD.

the challenge

Inspired by Patagonia, our challenge was to design a third-party mobile app that informs a consumer segment about brands who support living wages directly benefitting workers and their families. The solution must create a way to view measurable impact and/or progress.

an app to rethink ethical spending

Fairchange is a mobile app that leverages the existing financial habits of consumers to track their spending and incentivize them to shop ethically at companies that support living wages. Companies are scored based on various metrics, with higher numbers meaning more ethical. Users can link their current banking apps and earn points for shopping at ethical businesses - these can be redeemed for coupons or donated to verified charities.

We started by breaking down our prompt into a problem we could target. When trying to find Fairtrade companies that provide living wages, users are often faced with a lack of transparency. In addition to issues such as "greenwashing," once informed, there is no clear "next step" to take. We decided to tackle this with one of the most significant ways consumers can make a difference - choosing how to spend their dollars. We moved forward with a high-level idea of helping users shop with sustainable brands that align with their own values.
After honing our project solution to a clearer focus, we sketched out a rough site map to help decide key frames we needed to design. We also drew out a user flow with these screens and ideated features. This helped us conduct a MoScoW analysis to decide which features to prioritize with our limited time.
style guide
With the short timeframe of this event, we focused on creating a friendly and approachable colour palette. We built a style guide using this along with nature imagery and a familiar typeface.
the prototype

monitoring your ethical spending

A breakdown of the user's spending is visible on the homepage in a visually appealing ring. Recent transaction history can be viewed through a drop-down menu. The breakdown view can be toggled between score and industry.

learn more about featured companies

Consumers can learn about different brands by exploring company dashboards. A slider at the top of the screen highlights noteworthy news. In the dashboards, companies are scored based on metrics such as the number of employees, the minimum wage, and equal gender pay. A user can also choose to give feedback directly to the company through either a template or a message.

earn and redeem rewards

To provide incentive to ethical shoppers, each purchase made at a fairchange certified company earns points. These points can be redeemed for vouchers with partnering companies or donated to foundations that support living wages.
I am extremely proud of what Irene and I were able to create in both of our first Creative Jam! It was a challenging process - the short timeframe and prompt pushed our creativity and design skills.

Our team Irenovia was one of 10 finalist teams that presented at the Creative Jam Finale! You can watch our 3-minute pitch below.
We found a team motto for this Creative Jam that has stuck with me whenever I design: "keep it simple stupid". Call it Occam's razor, Hick's law, whatever you want. With the time constraints of this event, we tried to maintain a simplisitc workflow and design. It was easy to get distracted with all the features we wanted to design, but in the end we learned to focus on creating one great product that addressed our user needs.
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