Leading the design for Western Canada's largest hackathon🎣
Timeline: October - November 2021
Role: Lead Designer
Team: nwPlus Design Team 🎨
Tools: Figma
nwHacks, short for Northwest Hacks, is a student-run hackathon that takes place annually at the University of Birtish Columbia. We welcome seasoned hackers and tech newbies to connect, collaborate and create with a new and on-brand website design each year. For 2022, I co-led the nwPlus design team with another designer (Irene Zhang) to bring nwHack to life.
In 1.5 months, the design team created a new and visually engaging website for nwHacks 2022. In collaboration with our internal dev and logistics team, we released our site into the sea of potential hackers🐬In the following weeks, over 1000 students applied to our hackathon with 13 sponsors supporting us - these included Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, TTT Studios, Covalent, among other amazing companies!
For nwHacks, we wanted to showcase the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and landscape of Vancouver. We also wanted to create an immersive digital experience since our hackathons became fully virtual due to the pandemic - our team decided an underwater theme to set 2022 apart from previous year's hackathons.

After creating moodboards and low-fidelity sketches, we iterated many times until finalizing our design system and aesthetic. For the front page of our site, I conceptualized an underwater biodome that showcases well-recognized buildings in Vancouver.

iterations of hero section

initial lo-fi sketches

final hi-fi website design

This project was the product of a huge team effort (shoutout to the nwPlus design team for bringing this vision to life with me❣️) - I feel so lucky to have worked with such talented, creative, and ambitious designers.

Leading this team taught me the importance of building a clear vision early, especially having designers with unique perspectives and styles. Additionally, I worked closely with our internal dev, marketing, and logistics teams to launch nwHacks 2022 smoothly. I found regularly checking in with collaborators, especially developers, was crucial in creating a site that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional and feasible.

nwHacks promotional posters (and me) in the wild!

← swarm
Grovve →

initial lo-fi sketch